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3 Ways Better Warehouse Management Improves Customer Service

Posted by Reid Curley on Oct 5, 2017 7:00:00 AM

warehouse customer serviceWarehouse management teams often are an invisible force working in isolation. They don't get face time with customers, and they also don't receive much recognition for their role in meeting customer needs. Despite this fact, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that better warehouse management directly affects customer service ratings. Here's what we know:

Real World Experiences

One of the most important factors of customer service is being able to see your company the way a customer experiences it. With upgraded warehouse management tools, you will gather more insight into what customers get from the moment they place an order until it is delivered—or even after if they need assistance with a return. Until you can see these statistics for yourself and put them into context, it is impossible to create effective solutions.

Opening the Lines of Communication

As we mentioned earlier, warehouse teams often work in a kind of bubble where they do not hear feedback from customers directly, nor get many opportunities to make suggestions that will improve the flow of product. Warehouse management software can help facilitate communication by highlighting trends and forcing managers to ask better questions when it comes to problems.

Reducing Down Time

If there's anything that we know about customers these days, it's that they expect their products to get to them faster than ever. Further, if an item is out of stock, they want to know up front. Proper warehouse management software can help with both of these matters by reducing the time it takes to get an item from the warehouse to the individual, and by better predicting trends so you can keep the right products in stock. Better forecasting can keep you from running out of in-demand items and assure your customers that they can count on you, even in a pinch.

What's most important is coming to see your warehouse management team as a crucial part of the overall customer service puzzle. The warehouse is not just a cog in the machine; it is the central piece tying the whole thing together. If the warehouse is failing to take into account how their actions affect the customer, then it doesn't matter how many representatives you have trying to prop up your brand. The key to improving the customer experience starts with improving warehouse management and gaining a better understanding of the warehouse's role in delivering a great experience.

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Reid Curley

Written by Reid Curley

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