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4 Ways WMS Saves Time and Money

Posted by Reid Curley on Oct 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

4 Ways WMS Saves Time and MoneyWarehouse efficiency software, by its very nature, is intended to save your company time and money. By drastically reducing the amount of labor your team is doing, eliminating processing errors and consolidating steps in your process, it can change the way your whole business operates.

Lower Labor

With the help of the right warehouse efficiency software, your team members will be automatically directed through each step of their work day. They will no longer need to estimate the fastest picking route on their own or guess which products are first in line for FIFO. Instead, the answers will be given to them concisely and they can quickly move from one task to the next without down time. The system uses real-time analytics to find the fastest possible solution to every problem and reduce the travel range of each individual on the warehouse floor.

Fewer Errors

Every error that occurs in your warehouse requires correction at a later point in time. Re-working the same orders costs companies lots of money each year, and when an error makes its way out to a customer, it can also cost you an account. The internal checks and balances of the WMS help you to reduce your risk of errors in the first place and to automatically identify errors so that they can be fixed promptly and accurately. The less duplicate work you have to do, the more time and money you save.

Process Rationalization

Many warehouses find that warehouse efficiency software provides enough direction that they can eliminate extra steps in their process. You can use our 3D Pack application to pick an order into its shipping box, thereby eliminating the need for a separate packing process. You can use the built-in QC checks in place of a separate QC operation. As you do this, you free up more employees to fill orders and focus on the business you are really trying to do rather than slowing down packages on the way out the door.

Precision Timing

Since your warehouse efficiency software is also aware of your shipping information and scheduling, you can use it to ensure that packages go out on time. By prioritizing orders based on projected shipping windows, you can ensure that a package never goes out late. Shipments that don't make it on today's truck cost you time and space as well as create problems for customers who have to wait an extra day for their products. It is better to stay ahead of things with a WMS.

Warehouse efficiency software is designed to streamline your process and cut your costs. When you let the software do its job, you will see major changes in the productivity of your team and the speed with which orders move out your doors.

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Reid Curley

Written by Reid Curley

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