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Warehouse Management: A 4 Point Tune-Up

Posted by Reid Curley on Nov 30, 2017 7:00:00 AM

warehouse tune-upYour Warehouse Management System runs like a well oiled machine, but what happens when it starts to slow down, or parts of the system begin to fall into disrepair? Just like any system made up of complex parts, you must take proactive steps to keep your system in good shape with regular tune ups and preventative steps.

  1. Check Your Warehouse Organization - Your company should have a system for monitoring the organization of your warehouse on a regular basis. Usually this comes in the form of cycle counts and random quality control checks. However, ensuring that aisles are clean and shelf labels are in good shape should also be a part of your routine.
  2. Revisit Training - Keeping staff well trained is an integral part to your overall success. If you have high turnover in your warehouse, or if you have hired extra staff for peak season, make sure that you are taking that opportunity to revisit training across the board.
  3. Check That Code - Nearly all companies these days are springing for customized Warehouse Management Systems. This means they are paying for the ongoing support and coding expertise of the developers. If you have noticed that your system has some features that aren't working as planned, or there are recurring glitches, make sure you take the time to document the problem and get it fixed.
  4. Inspect Your Equipment - One of the top complaints we hear from team members on the warehouse floor is that their RF guns or mobile devices are slow, clunky or just don't work. Companies often fail to replace devices that have taken too much wear and tear, leaving their employees to grapple with rebooting machines over and over, or dealing with connection issues. This can be resolved by inspecting all of your equipment regularly and proactively replacing those devices that are out of service. Don't forget to check things like batteries that often sit on chargers but don't hold a charge. All of the other moving equipment in your warehouse should also be inspected for safety and functionality.

With these four tips you can ensure that your Warehouse Management System is always in great operating condition. You should make sure to schedule tune ups throughout the year to assess the state of your staff, equipment, software and overall warehouse conditions. The more actively you work to prevent breakdowns in the system, the better it will serve you with reliability and improved productivity.

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Reid Curley

Written by Reid Curley

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